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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Unique Fitness (UFIT) was brought to life to support a greater cause. My family developed a non profit called UCAN (Unique Center for Athletes of all Needs) to provide fitness and nutrition training to our special needs community. UFIT helps fund our non profit by providing opportunity to those that can't afford fitness or may not be welcome at another facility. UFIT was also developed out of my passion for working out. I have always wanted my own gym and to surround myself with people that love to workout as much as I do. We want to provide a quality workout experience and have multiple trainers to help you with your journey. 


Our Story

Unique Fitness provides a space for people to workout how they choose in a safe and functional environment. We provide a ton of free weights and cardio equipment. There are options for one on one training, nutrition programming, injury recovery, and HIIT workouts. The gym is open everyday so time is not a constraint. We will however close at certain hours for our non profit classes.

Meet The Team

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